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About Us

Freight forwarding company BN-Group

We carry out transportation of general cargo:
- Freight transportation using standard awning vehicles from 86 m 3 to 120 m3
- Consolidated load from 1 kg
- Bulk cargo
- Dangerous freight (ADR)
- Refrigerated cargo requiring temperature mode
- Over-dimensional and extra heavy cargo

In 2012

Freight forwarding company BN-Group is a professional activity of traffic on international routes.

For a long time making international road transport, we have made ignificant progress in the field of logistics, traffic in all directions to help solve the most complex logistical your problem.


Freight forwarding

- a type of transport services, whose work is aimed at organizing traffic and saving transport costs.

When dealing with cargo transportation forwarder, you do not need to deal with documents in shipping, you can be sure that the goods reach the place of shipment. Our freight forwarding company will calculate the optimal route of transportation, which at times will reduce costs, executes all necessary documents.



We develop optimal route shipping, which will significantly reduce transportation budget and delivery.

Problems finding and hiring the appropriate transport, preparation and signing of consignment notes and warrants we ourselves not only as performing transportation over long distances, we plan routes based on time delivery and quality of roads. After all, bad roads can cause damage to the cargo.


Our services

lies in the fact that the company takes full responsibility for the safety and on-time delivery.

The client only draws power of attorney or contract with our company, which will deal with all matters relating to the delivery of goods at a specified point, accompanies the goods from the start of his boot, to delivery and unloading at a designated place. All the way transportation, we guarantee to solve any problems encountered and ensure the security and safety of your cargo.


We believe the key to the trust our customers achieve their goals together. Therefore, we try to understand current and future customer needs, fulfill their requirements and meet customer expectations.

We guarantee

- Individual approach to each customer and consistently high quality of work regardless of the scope and importance of the client.

How do we achieve

- Constantly upgrading its quality management system in accordance with ISO 9001.


Each employee is responsible for the quality of work, undertakes not to take decisions that violate the established customer relationships.

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We have a wide geography of transportation and deliver goods from Europe, America, CIS and Asia. Also we are engaged in transportation diverse cargoes between the countries of the European Union. To consolidate the goods we use our own customs warehouse in Przemysl, Poland

Our team

Since forwarding your goods engaged experienced professionals who know all the details in the transport of cargo and can quickly and successfully resolve any problems encountered during shipping.

Taras Nogal

Skype: nogal_taras_79
Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 795 37 38

Yuri Nohal

Deputy of director
Skype: liontr1
Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 796 23 02

Vitaliy Nych

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 7953 738

Evgen Pavliv

Skype: pavlivevgen
Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 196 98 00

Andriy Radovenchyk

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 063 341 95 19

Uliana Prystavska

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 895 01 95

Galyna Oliinyk

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 317 71 33

Liubomyr Lesiuk

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 795 71 53

Bogdan Mysak

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 063 173 88 86

Uliana Lytvyn

Head of Commercial Departmen
Skype: ulianalytvyn
Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 063 390 77 73

Kostya Yakubenko

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 063 341 95 17

Taras Semaniv

Tel./ Fax: +38 032 232 91 52
Mobile: +38 093 314 32 99


«BN-Group» LLC, Herojiv UPA str. 73, Building 4, 79041 Lviv, Ukraine, PO Box11186. BN-Group Polska sp.z.o.o. ul.Grunwaldzka 43/3B 37-700 Przemysl, Tel./Fax: +38 (032) 232 91 52

To calculate the carriage expenditures we need the following information from you:

- weight of carriage;
- dimensions (length, width, height) of loading seats and their number;
- location of loading (address, country, city/town);
- location of delivery (address, country, city/town);
- delivery stipulation according to Incoterms 2010;
- description of carriage (goods);
- if the carriage includes dangerous goods, specify the required ADR class of hazard;
- cost of goods according to invoice;
- in case the goods require additional packaging or are fragile, etc., a detailed instruction should be attached;

We provide you with the requisite car on the specified date.