Multimodal, sea, air and rail transportation

Multimodal transport is the transportation of goods using two (or more) modes of transport. One of the areas of BN-Group’s activity is the multimodal freight transportation. Our specialists will help you choose the schemes for cargo delivery based on the size, volume and weight of cargo, delivery terms, cost, transit time and other details. We use road, rail, air and maritime transport, which allows us to deliver cargo in accordance with all requirements and terms of delivery and transportation costs.

Sea transportation

Sea transportation is an advantageous and convenient way of transporting goods. It is convenient due to the high capacity of large shipping containers, besides there are no restrictions on the volume and weight of cargo. The cargo holds of container ships hold ten times more cargo than any other vehicle: truck body, railroad car or airplane. Let’s not forget that the sea transportation is much cheaper than any other type of transportation. There are, however, a number of disadvantages, such as low speed compared to air or rail transportation and, therefore, during such transportation certain goods rapidly decay (in the absence of refrigerated containers). Besides, deviation from the estimated delivery time is possible due to bad weather conditions.

  • The first and main advantage is the low cost. Maritime transport is considered the cheapest means of transport and one of the safest.
  • Ships can carry cargo of various types – liquid bulk, dry bulk, gas, etc.
  • Delivery of large amounts of oversize cargoes.
  • Due to the use of the container system, loading and unloading operations do not require significant effort and time.

Air transportation

Minimum delivery time, convenient and quick way to transport cargo. Cargo is delivered much faster by airplane than by car, train or ship. Speed ​​is the main advantage of transporting cargo by air.

BN-Group organizes air cargo transportation all over the world. We ensure compliance with delivery time, guarantee of air cargo safety and individual approach to each customer. Our worldwide partner network provides us with a unique opportunity to develop the shortest and most cost-effective route in order to offer the best tariff to our customers.

Rail transportation

BN-Group arranges cargo transportation by rail, both in Ukraine and abroad (Europe and Asia). We carry heavy, dangerous, oversize, bulk and other cargoes using rail freight transport: universal rolling stock (open wagons, platforms, covered wagons), as well as refrigerated wagons.

International rail transportation of cargo is the most reliable, inexpensive and safe type of transportation. This type of cargo delivery has a number of advantages over the transportation by air, sea and even road. The rolling stock of rail transport is scarcely affected by weather conditions, moves quickly and allows calculating the cost of services, satisfying the request for each specific delivery.