About us

BN-Group is a transportation and logistics company providing services in the field of international cargo transportation, warehousing and insurance, as well as customs brokerage services.

Transport is one of the most important human activities in the modern world. It ensures the functioning of the global economy and satisfies people’s need for all modes of transportation. Our specialists provide transportation of various cargo every day:

  • transportation of goods by standard tarpaulin vehicles from 86 m3 to 120 m3
  • consolidated cargo from 1 kg
  • dry and liquid bulk cargoes
  • dangerous goods (ADR)
  • refrigerated cargoes requiring certain temperature regimes
  • oversize and super heavy load
BN-Group has a high world-class reputation, which is based on many years of experience in the field of international cargo transportation.

Our team consists of experienced specialists who offer high-quality services and innovative solutions that allow us to grow with our customers. Our team of professionals combines experience and a high level of responsibility and professionalism to provide customer service at the international level. Our specialists are constantly improving and developing new logistics solutions for your business.

submission of a report for each customer individually
daily status of intermediate points during transportation
tracking the movement of cargo online during transportation
Put your cargo in safe hands of our company and your expectations will be met due to high professionalism and service quality.