Transportation of liquid bulk cargo

A vehicle or a semi-trailer equipped with a tank designed for the transportation and temporary storage of liquids (petroleum products, food products), dry bulk cargo and rarefied gases. Tanks can be multi-section or single-section.

Tank truck for transportation of liquid bulk cargoes without maintaining a certain temperature regime.

This type of tankers is designed for transportation of liquid bulk cargoes at above-zero temperature; it has a metal body. The temperature of cargo is not maintained in this tank truck.

Isothermal tanker

This tank truck maintains the temperature of cargo for 24 hours from the moment of full load. Temperature loss during transportation is 1-3°C for each day of transportation.

Isothermal tanker with steam tracing.

This tanker has all the features of an isothermal tanker. As it is additionally equipped with steam tracing, it is possible to heat the cargo if temperature of the cargo is too low and it cannot be poured out during unloading. The cargo is heated by means of hot steam and upon availability of such steam supply at the receiving enterprise.

Tank truck with individual heating.

Tank trucks of this type have special equipment for maintenance of certain temperature during the entire time of transportation.

Tank trucks designed to carry dangerous goods.

Such tank trucks belong to ADR tanks carrying dangerous goods of 1-9 classes. They are designed to transport dangerous goods according to the commodity code.