Transportation by special transport

Transportation by car carrier trailers.

Nowadays, the car hauler services have become quite popular, as this mode of transportation allows transporting passenger vehicles for long distances and is a reliable and convenient way to deliver cars. The best option is the transportation by a road train (car carrier trailer).

A car carrier is a powerful tractor with a trailer or semi-trailer. Standard car carrier trailers are designed to transport 7-8 cars. There are trailers capable of carrying up to 9-10 cars, depending on their size. There are also car carrier trailers designed for 1-3 cars. They are usually used as tow trucks. Car shipping by car haulers is one of the best ways to transport cargo, whether it is short or long-distance transportation.

Container transportation.

Container transportation is the most advanced and widely used mode of transportation of goods between countries. It is particularly used for multimodal transport. Container transportation by road is an important part of both multimodal and individual transport. Today the road container transportation is very popular worldwide.

A container truck is designed to carry 20, 30, 40 and 45-foot containers. Up to three containers can be placed in its platform. Depending on the number of axles, container trucks are divided into 2, 3, 4 and 5-axle, as well as multi-axle vehicles.